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Friends of NM Recreation

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The Friends of
 New Milford Recreation
 is an organization whose goal is to
support the needs of various
Recreation Programs in town.
The Friends was incorporated April 2011
and has 5013C (non-profit) status.
Our main method of fundraising comes
 from the profits of "Rec-Freshments"
located at the recreation building
which is run by volunteers
and open during
sporting/community events.
  The Friends of New Milford Recreation is
comprised of a Board of Trustees, general
membership and a liaison from the
 Recreation Department.
The Board of Trustees are voted into office
by the membership every two years.
 The organization meets once a quarter
 with work sessions held for
special projects as needed.

In order to become a member you must be 18 years
or older and a resident of New Milford.
You will be required to participate in at
 least 2 events a year.

Please contact us via e-mail at  
if you are interested in becoming a member.


Donation requests are sent to us via email
and are voted on by the membership.
These requests are also reviewed by our
Recreation Department liaison as needed.

"Wish List Items"

already dontated

 to the Recreation


From the FRIENDS

 Water Coolers for ALL SPORTS! 

 Practice Pinnies for all sports

 Corner Flags

 Extra nets for Soccer goals

Practice Basketballs

Helmet Bags and

Bat Racks
for the

Softball Dugouts 

 Goalie Shirts for

 REC soccer

 Cones for All Sports

 Pinnes and Game Balls

for Travel Soccer

Puddle Pillows

Face Masks for Softball

1/2 Miler Speaker

Portable Lights for 2016 Soccer Season