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Volunteer Coaches Requirements 

Background check (every 3 years $20)

Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Certification (good for 20 years$35)

NFHS:  Concussion Course (annually no fee)

MEL Safety:  Blood Bourne Certification (annually no fee)

MEL Safety:  Protecting Children from Abuse (annually no fee)

MEL Safety:  COVID-19: A Pandemic Response (2020 no fee)



Directions for online training with MEL Safety Institute's Learning Management System BloodBourne, COVID-19 and Abuse (the directions are for the abuse course, follow same directions for Bloodbourne and COVID-19)


Volunteer Coaches Background Check click here


NFHS:  Concussion Course  click here (certificate needs to be emailed to

RUTGERS:  Sign up for 3 hour in person training


Once you have taken all the online courses, please email Maura Henyecz @  The only certifications that need to be emailed now are the CONCUSSION and RUTGERS (if not already on file). 

The MEL and Background will be accessed through their systems.